[linux-lvm] Unable to un-cache logical volume when chunk size is over 1MiB

Gionatan Danti g.danti at assyoma.it
Mon Jun 25 17:19:01 UTC 2018

Il 24-06-2018 21:18 Ryan Launchbury ha scritto:
> In testing, forcibly removing the cache, via editing the LVM config
> file has caused extensive XFS filesystem corruption, even when backing
> up the metadata first and restoring after the cache device is missing.
> Any advice on how to safely uncache the volume would be massively
> appreciated.

It is my understanding that a writethrough cache should *never* have any 
data that are not on the backing volumes already.
In other words, forcibly removing a writethough cache (ie: disconnetting 
the physical cache device) should not cause any harms to 

Can you show the output of "dmsetup table"?

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