[linux-lvm] [lvmlockd] lvm command hung with sanlock log "ballot 3 abort1 larger lver in bk..."

David Teigland teigland at redhat.com
Thu Oct 11 18:58:16 UTC 2018

> >  2018-10-09 20:49:16 4854717 [29802]: r2320 write_host_block host_id
> >  19 flags 1 gen 1 dblock 29802:510:140245418403952:140245440585933:140245418403840:4:RELEASED.
> Perfect, that shows exactly where the bug is.  There's a case where it has
> missed saving the latest dblock values, so random values are being copied
> back to the dblock instead.  I'll push out a patch once I've had a chance
> to test it.

Here's the fix:

Thanks for the help finding that.

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