[linux-lvm] VG metadata and snapshots

Henrik Johansson henrikj at henkis.net
Mon Sep 24 12:14:51 UTC 2018


I have experienced something unexpected with one of our virtualised hosts. The VG containing root had been expanded to a secondary disk which contained /opt but no extents of the root filsystem. This host had some problems and was restored/cloned from an older snapshot, but only the first disk was overwritten leaving data on the expanded disk intact. Now it seems like LVM have started using the metadata configuration from the old disk, making both disks part of the VG without my intervention. Is this even possible, or is something at play here which I do not understand?

All disks are the same, same UUID and everything, but can a system boot and begin to this leftover metadata without any recovery? Should I not get something like “inconsistent metadata” and a failed boot?


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