[linux-lvm] Correct way to remove LVM Snapshot

Jaco van Niekerk jaco at desktop.co.za
Wed Sep 26 04:50:16 UTC 2018


I will like to confirm the correct way to remove an LVM snapshot?

Create my Logical Volume and snapshot:
lvcreate --addtag pacemaker --name lv_iscsi_lun1 --size 100G vg_iscsi --config 'activation { volume_list = [ "@pacemaker" ]}'
lvcreate --addtag pacemaker --name lv_iscsi_lun1_snap --snapshot --size 10G /dev/vg_iscsi/lv_iscsi_lun1 --config 'activation { volume_list = [ \"@pacemaker\" ]}'

Do I have to Merge the Snapshot first before I can remove it?
lvremove /dev/vg_iscsi/lv_iscsi_lun1_snap

More Info:
lv_iscsi_lun1 is a ISCSI target for a KVM virtual server.

Trouble experienced:
I lost my hole Volume Group after removing the Logical Volume Snapshot.



Jaco van Niekerk

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