[linux-lvm] Aborting. LV mythinpool_tmeta is now incomplete

Eric Ren renzhengeek at gmail.com
Thu Apr 11 11:49:46 UTC 2019


> Hi,

I could recommend to orient towards the solution where the 'host' system
> provides some service for your containers -  so container ask for action,
> service orchestrates the action on the system - and returns asked resource
> to
> the container.

Right, it's all k8s, containerd, OCI runtime are doing.

> IMHO I don't see any other usable solution ATM - although many container
> developers seems to endlessly try to run these system commands from a
> container...

Sorry, I don't make it clear. I mean we don't use lvm in container, we  use
thin pool on physical server, create thin LV, passthrough thin dm device
into virtual machine (KATA VM, not cgroup&namespce-based container) as VM's

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