[linux-lvm] [lvm-devel] Aborting. LV mythinpool_tmeta is now incomplete

Eric Ren renzhengeek at gmail.com
Fri Apr 12 10:42:40 UTC 2019


> Looking at provided log file - the system seems to be using some weird udev
> rule - which results in generating  strange /dev/__  symlinks.

Yes! I also see these weird device names, but I don't have a good
explanation for it, so that I'm stupid to think deep into it.

> There are already visible some other devices like i.e.:
> /dev/disk/by-id/virtio-instance-store0___O-part1 pointing to  /dev/vda1

So, the broken device path/symbol is only related to udev, lvm just
get the device list from udev DB right?

Do you think such issue can make LVM think the disk is missing?

> BTW - you can always setup filter (and you really SHOULD in this case),
> to whitelist devices for scanning to avoid similar issues.
> I assume you want to set something like   a|/dev/vd|,  r|.*|
> Also you should collect udev rules and post them here so we can check
> which rule could be suspected.

Thanks! From this, I've learned how import device filter setup is!


- Eric Ren

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