[linux-lvm] [lvm-devel] lvcreate hangs forever and udev work timeout

Eric Ren renzhengeek at gmail.com
Sat Apr 13 02:08:10 UTC 2019


> Hmm would it be possible that associated thin pool would be in some erroneous
> condition - i.e. out-of-space - or processing some resize ?

The testing model is:

create/mount/"do IO" (on) thin LV; and then umount/delete thin LV.

doing this work flow in parallel.

> This likely could result into some significant processing delay ?
> Since you are using very ancient lvm2  (2.02.130) we have heavily improved
> logic for such pools over the time...

Hah, I think I've mentioned this issue can be reproduced on centos 7.6


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