[linux-lvm] dmsetup says "Device does not exist", though it exists

Christoph Pleger christoph.pleger at cs.uni-dortmund.de
Tue Aug 13 07:11:58 UTC 2019


I have a volume group with 20 logical volumes. Only the last one of 
these volumes has a strange problem with dmsetup, shown by these 
commands and output on the command line:

root at host:/home/linux# /sbin/dmsetup info -c -o name --noheadings 
Device does not exist.
Command failed

root at host:/home/linux# lvdisplay -c /dev/vg/lv20

root at host:/home/linux# mount /dev/vg/lv20 /mnt
root at host:/home/linux# ls /mnt
lost+found data1 data2

That is, dmsetup says "Device does not exist" about a logical volume, 
though the volume exists and is operating normally. What is the possible 
problem here?


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