[linux-lvm] repair pool with bad checksum in superblock

Zdenek Kabelac zkabelac at redhat.com
Fri Aug 23 08:59:10 UTC 2019

Dne 23. 08. 19 v 2:18 Dave Cohen napsal(a):
> I've read some old posts on this group, which give me some hope that I might recover a failed drive.  But I'm not well-versed in LVM, so details of what I've read are going over my head.
> My problems started when my laptop failed to shut down properly, and afterwards booted only to dracut emergency shell.  I've since attempted to rescue the bad drive, using `ddrescue`.  That tool reported 99.99% of the drive rescued, but so far I'm unable to access the LVM data.
> Decrypting the copy I made with `ddrescue` gives me /dev/mapper/encrypted_rescue, but I can't activate the LVM data that is there.  I get these errors:
> $ sudo lvconvert --repair qubes_dom0/pool00
>    WARNING: Not using lvmetad because of repair.
>    WARNING: Disabling lvmetad cache for repair command.
> bad checksum in superblock, wanted 823063976
>    Repair of thin metadata volume of thin pool qubes_dom0/pool00 failed (status:1). Manual repair required!
> $ sudo thin_check /dev/mapper/encrypted_rescue
> examining superblock
>    superblock is corrupt
>      bad checksum in superblock, wanted 636045691
> (Note the two command return different "wanted" values.  Are there two superblocks?)
> I found a post, several years old, written by Ming-Hung Tsai, which describes restoring a broken superblock.  I'll show that post below, along with my questions, because I'm missing some of the knowledge necessary.
> I would greatly appreciate any help!

I think it's important to know the version of thin tools ?

Are you using  0.8.5 ?

If so  - feel free to open Bugzilla and upload your metadata so we can check 
what's going on there.

In BZ provide also lvm2 metadata and the way how the error was reached.

Out typical error we see with thin-pool usage is  'doubled' activation.
So thin-pool gets acticated on 2 host in parallel (usually unwantedly) - and 
when this happens and 2 pools are updating same metadata - it gets damaged.



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