[linux-lvm] repair pool with bad checksum in superblock

Zdenek Kabelac zkabelac at redhat.com
Fri Aug 23 12:47:44 UTC 2019

Dne 23. 08. 19 v 13:40 Dave Cohen napsal(a):

> $ thin_check --version
> 0.8.5


So if repairing fails even with the latest version - it's better to upload 
metadata into BZ created here:


>> If so  - feel free to open Bugzilla and upload your metadata so we can check
>> what's going on there.
>> In BZ provide also lvm2 metadata and the way how the error was reached.
> When you say "upload your metadata" and "lvm2 metadata", can you tell me exactly how to get it?  Sorry for the basic question but I'm not sure what to run and what to upload.

Upload 'dd' compressed copy of you ORIGINAL  _tmeta content (which now could 
be likely already in volume  _meta0 - if you had one succesful run of --repair 

If you use older 'lvm2' you might have a problem with accessing _tmeta
device content - if you have latest fc30 - you should be able
to activate _tmeta as standalone component activation.

To get lvm2 metadata backup just use  'vgcfgbackup -f output.txt  VGNAME'

Let us know if you have problem with getting kernel _tmeta or lvm2 meta.

> In my case, lvm was set up by qubes-os, on a laptop.  The disk drive had a physical problem.  I'll put those details into bugzilla.  (But I'm waiting for answer to metadata question above before I submit ticket.)

Ok - serious disk error might lead to eventually irrepairable metadata content 
- since if you lose some root b-tree node sequence it might be really hard
to get something sensible  (it's the reason why the metadata should be located
on some 'mirrored' device - since while there is lot of effort put into
protection again software errors - it's hard to do something with hardware 



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