[linux-lvm] Thin pool vg1-thinpool1-tpool (253:3) transaction_id is 549, while expected 505.

Zdenek Kabelac zkabelac at redhat.com
Mon Dec 9 14:25:42 UTC 2019

Dne 09. 12. 19 v 15:18 Łukasz Czerpak napsal(a):
> hi,
> Sure, I will update the kernel as per your recommendation. Thank you for help 
> and prompt replies!
> In regards to “sharing thin-pool” - there are no VMs, only LXD that is using 
> VG and thin-pool. After digging more I found relevant article:
> https://discuss.linuxcontainers.org/t/is-it-safe-to-create-an-lvm-backed-storage-pool-that-can-be-shared-with-other-logical-volumes/5658/5
> This might be the reason. I will investigate it more and share results here.

Usage of any containers with DM is seriously non-trivial task (especially if 
you are dealing with anything more complex then 'linear' dm target).

Linux device is not a containerized resource a there need to exist something 
like a 'cluster locking' mechanism how to manipulate with devices and metadata.

If you are on a single host - there is used 'file locking' - but if you start 
to manipulate lvm2 metadata from multiple containers at the same time - 
without 'locking' mechanism between all commands - it will soon go ballistic 
and explode...  (and it's actually weird you managed to go as high as 500 
transactions without noticing problem...)


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