[linux-lvm] Question about thin-pool/thin LV with stripes

Eric Ren renzhengeek at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 14:54:32 UTC 2019


As you can see, only "mythinpool_tdata" LV has 2 stripes. Is that OK?
> If I want to benefit performance from stripes, will it works for me? Or,
> should I create dataLV, metadata LV, thinpool and thin LV using
> step-by-step way
> and specify "--stripes 2" in every steps?

With single command to create thin-pool, the metadata LV is not created
with striped
target. Is this designed on purpose, or just the command doesn't handle
this case very
well for now?

My main concern here is, if the metadata LV use stripped target, can
thin_check/thin_repair tools work fine?

> Besides, is there anything I should take care of to extend the
> VG/thin-pool with *striped thin-LV*
> when out of space?

In this case, I should always vgextend the VG with 2 PVs, because thin pool
will find the half-of-extending-size
of free space on 2 seperate PVs for striping. If just adding one PV, the
free space in VG cannot be used
to extend the 2-striped thin-pool.

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