[linux-lvm] how to copy a snapshot, or restore snapshot without deleting it

Zdenek Kabelac zkabelac at redhat.com
Mon Jan 28 11:49:31 UTC 2019

Dne 21. 01. 19 v 11:32 Zdenek Kabelac napsal(a):
> Dne 18. 01. 19 v 1:53 Davis, Matthew napsal(a):
>> Hi Zdenek,
>> I assumed that LVM thin snapshots would work like git branches.
>> Since git also uses diffs on the backend, and git is popular with 
>> developers, the same kind of behaviour seems reasonable to me.
> Hi
> There is very good reason why the git is not really a good tool for storing 
> binary data...
> Your use-case is 'very specific' sub-case of many different usability 
> scenarios you can do with lvm2 -  so while you might see some potential 
> benefit if the lvm2 would work more closely to git logic,
> it would look terrible in many other situations.


Adding some more thoughts here - we can probably give user an option to 
control this - particularly in this case  - how about something like:

lvconvert --mergesnapshot --keeporigin y|n

so if user would specify 'y' - lvm2 would relink/preserve merged snapshot as 
an origin for all other existing snapshots of the old origin - this would make 
more obvious what is going to happen when you start creating and merging lots 
of them into a single origin.

(yeah - maybe there could be better fitting option name - so it's more about
idea here for now)


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