[linux-lvm] [PATCH] Detect systemd at run-time in 69-dm-lvm-metad.rules

Gionatan Danti g.danti at assyoma.it
Wed Jul 31 10:51:43 UTC 2019

Il 31-07-2019 12:16 Zdenek Kabelac ha scritto:
> When it appears to work on a system with a single disk really doesn't
> make it 'clearly working' - we are providing solution for thousands
> disks based heavily loaded servers as well, so there is not much wish
> to 'hack-in' occasionally working fix.

Not related to the core question - just to ask if you really have 
servers with thousands disks connected...
Is this a (relatively) common scenario, so much to hamper very common 
one/few disks system?
No intention to flame - I am genuinely curious...

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