[linux-lvm] Local Cache on CLVM

Indivar Nair indivar.nair at techterra.in
Mon May 27 18:00:17 UTC 2019

Hi ...,

I have a query on Caching on CLVM.

Consider a clustered storage system with one common RAID Array and 2
Servers. The servers are configured in an active-passive configuration
using Pacemaker and CLVM.

Each server has a PCIe NVMe Card in it.
Is there any way I could use the PCIe NVMe card for caching?

I understand that if failover happens, the cache may be empty or the
content different on the failed-over server. But that would only mean
that it would take some time to refresh the cache again. I am okay
with that.

But is there any way to make it look like its the same cache drive on
both the primary and failover servers?


Indivar Nair

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