[linux-lvm] system boot time regression when using lvm2-2.03.05

Heming Zhao heming.zhao at suse.com
Tue Sep 3 05:02:25 UTC 2019


I found my mail which sent on last Friday and yesterday didn't appear in 
mail list, it may be blocked for attachment. So I resend it without 

---below is original mail--
Hello David,

When event_activation=1 & obtain_device_list_from_udev = 0 in lvm.conf.
the boot time became: 1min 9.349s  (before time: 2min 3.661s)

When event_activation=0 & obtain_device_list_from_udev = 0
time: 1min 7.219s (before time: 1min 57.478s)

And the systemctl status for pvscan when time is 2min & 1min (obtain_xx=0)
# ls -lh *.txt
-rw-r--r--. 1 root root 640K Aug 30 19:17 
-rw-r--r--. 1 root root 664K Aug 30 18:49 
the scripts:
for i  in `systemctl list-units | grep lvm2-pvscan | cut -d' ' -f 3`; do 
systemctl status $i; done > systemctl-status-all-pvscan-2min.txt

There are 2 test result for above for loop. (these files will delete 3 
months later)
1> systemctl-status-all-pvscan-1min.txt
    event_activation=1 & obtain_device_list_from_udev = 0

2> systemctl-status-all-pvscan-2min.txt
    event_activation=1 & obtain_device_list_from_udev = 1

Test result URL:


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