[linux-lvm] discuss: about master branch vgcreate parameter "--clustered"

heming.zhao at suse.com heming.zhao at suse.com
Wed Dec 30 04:51:46 UTC 2020

On 12/30/20 3:03 AM, Zdenek Kabelac wrote:
> Dne 28. 12. 20 v 9:35 heming.zhao at suse.com napsal(a):
>> Hello,
>> On master branch, clvmd had been removed, the "-c | --clustered" is deprecated.
>> ```
>> ~> sudo vgcreate -c n vg1 /dev/sda
>> The clustered option is deprecated, see --shared.
>> Run `vgcreate --help' for more information.
>> ~> echo $?
>> 3
>> ```
>> It looks the -c is useless, it only shows deprecated info and exit.
>> Is it possible to remove the -c from lvm code?
> Command keeps this option for backward compatibility.
> So when the option is no longer supported - it should print the 'old usage'
> was replaced with something else.
> I don't quite understand why would you want to remove this logic
> since we would report 'Invalid argument' anyway?
> Zdenek

Before sending pervious mail, I had checked related code, and totally understood
this option for backward compatibility.
 From my perspective, both keep and drop this parameter are acceptable.

This topic is derived from suse's customer report.
They ran "vgcreate -c n", and got failed result. With normally thinking, the "-c y" should
report deprecated info, the "-c n" should run successfully.
(It is a little wield to see this deprecated info for new lvm users.)
And a optional way: lvm remove this option and keep the deprecated info in manpage.
e.g. in vgcreate manpage, to move --cluster option into DESCRIPTION section.

Anyway, if you think this topic is boring/no-sense, let's close this topic.


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