[linux-lvm] metadata device too small

Gionatan Danti g.danti at assyoma.it
Mon Jan 13 15:25:10 UTC 2020

On 13/01/20 15:49, Zdenek Kabelac wrote:
> Hi
> Well the size is 'almost' 16GiB - and when the size of thin-pools 
> metadata is always maintained by lvm2 - it's OK -  the size is 
> internally 'clamped' correctly - the problem is when you use this size 
> 'externally' - so you make 16GiB regular LV used for thin-repair - and 
> then you swap-in such LV into thin-pool.
> So to make it clear - when you 'lvcreate' thin-pool with 16GiB of 
> metadata - it will work - but then when you will try to fix such 
> thin-pool - it will fail.  So it's always better to create thin-pool 
> with  -L15.812G then using  16G.

Understood, thank you so much.

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