[linux-lvm] Deeply impressed

Michael Lipp mnl at mnl.de
Wed Jan 22 15:40:23 UTC 2020

Just for once, I wanted to state that I am deeply impressed by the work
done with LVM. I have just just copied all my data from my old RAID to
my new RAID while continuing to work with the data using pvmove.
Compared with what I had to do several years ago, this was a great
experience. I know, of course, that professional operators do this "all
day", but doing it yourself for once felt great.

Just one question, though. I couldn't find anything about using pvmove
together with lvm cache. So to make sure, I removed the SSD caching
before pvmove and added the caching again afterwards. Would it have been
safe to leave the caching active during the pvmove?

 - Michael

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