[linux-lvm] Removing VG mappings using dmsetup tool

Gionatan Danti g.danti at assyoma.it
Tue Jun 23 21:34:09 UTC 2020

Il 2020-06-23 23:02 Zdenek Kabelac ha scritto:
> Hi
> ATM skilled admin can always easily enforce:
> 'dmsetup remove --force   vg-lv'

Hi Zdenek,
sure, but I find messing with dmsetup more error prone than using an LVM 

> for i.e. linear devices to achieve this goal - however resolving this
> at lvm2 is actually way more complex task when you start to consider
> the situation
> should be at least 'somehow' recoverable - it's quite complicated and
> not really highly demanded functionality.
> It's more simple if you have constrained world of known types of 
> devices
> and known use-case you are targeting to solve.

Would be an initial minimal support userful? For example, something as 
"lvchange --error vg/lvm" which will only work on simple setup, while on 
more complex ones would simply print a warning and return with exit code 


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