[linux-lvm] how to convert a disk containing a snapshot to a snapshot lv?

Stuart D Gathman stuart at gathman.org
Tue Dec 28 05:04:06 UTC 2021

> If you want to give it a try, just create a snapshot on a specific device
> And change all the blocks on the origin, there you are, you now have a cow
> device containing all data needed.
> How to move this snapshot device to another server, reattach it to an empty
> lv volume as a snapshot.
> lvconvert -s, command requires an argument of an existing snapshot volume
> name.
> But there is no snapshot on the new server, so it can't re-attach the
> volume.
> So what procedures should be invoked to create just the detached references
> in LVM, so that the lvconver -s command can work?

Just copy the snapshot to another server, by whatever method you would
use to copy the COW and Data volumes (I prefer partclone for supported
filesystems).  No need for lvconvert.  You are trying WAY WAY too hard.
Are you by any chance trying to create an incremental backup system
based on lvm snapshot COW?  If so, say so.

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