[linux-lvm] Mirror allocation policy

Phillip Susi phill at thesusis.net
Tue Jan 5 19:31:00 UTC 2021

I seem to remember ( and found some references on the web ) that there
used to be a way to change the allocation policy when creating a mirror
from the default of strict ( must use different pvs ), but I can't find
a mention of strict in the man pages these days.  I did see the option
for --alloc anywhere but lvconvert still refuses to change an lv into a
mirror saying that it can't find the extents ( there are plenty of
extents, but only one pv ).

How can I forge it to make the mirror on a single pv?  Alternatively,
how can I create a copy of an lv ( I was planning to mirror, then
--splitmirror ).

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