[linux-lvm] Mirror allocation policy

Alasdair G Kergon agk at redhat.com
Wed Jan 6 01:52:54 UTC 2021

> #libdm-config.c:1061       Setting
>  allocation/mirror_logs_require_separate_pvs to 0

So despite that, it's not letting you have the 'anywhere' for the log
part of the allocation.

However, for what you are doing, maybe you don't need an on-disk mirror
log or can temporarily borrow a little space (add small temporary
loopback PV to the VG?) for it?

>  #metadata/lv_manip.c:2704         Still need 7681 total extents from
>  370508 remaining (0 positional slots):
>  #metadata/lv_manip.c:2707           1 (1 data/0 parity) parallel areas
>  of 7680 extents each
>  #metadata/lv_manip.c:2711           1 metadata area of 1 extents each
>  #metadata/lv_manip.c:2535         Not using free space on existing
>  parallel PV /dev/md1.
>  #metadata/lv_manip.c:3220   Insufficient suitable allocatable extents
>  for logical volume : 7681 more required


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