[linux-lvm] Questions about monitoring, scrubbing & checking a LVM RAID5

Martin Dünkelmann nc-duenkekl3 at netcologne.de
Wed Jul 28 21:50:56 UTC 2021

Dear LVM2-People,

I made a native RAID5 via LVM on 3 SSDs without mdadm, since LVM2 can do 
it natively.

But I got confused about how to easily monitor it (send emails about 
errors, since it's a remove server) and how to check, repair and scrub 
the RAID5.

"sudo lvchange --syncaction check cryptdata_raid5/home" (same for 
repair) results in

Command on LV cryptdata_raid5/home does not accept LV type linear.
Command not permitted on LV cryptdata_raid5/home.

Does that mean LVM2 doesn't fully support native RAID5 and I should 
format everything and set up a mdadm raid5?
Because mdadm has scrubbing and email reports according to the mdadm.conf.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Martin Dünkelmann

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