[linux-lvm] LVM tools segfault since 2.03.12

Jean-Michel Pollion jmp-lvm2 at ookaze.fr
Thu Sep 2 07:34:20 UTC 2021


I have the lvm2 tools segfaulting since 2.03.12 with a message of
unsorted commands in cmds.h.
It turns out that in my locale and on my setup, the LANG=C setting
before "sort -u" in tools/Makefile.in is not enough, I had to patch and
add LC_COLLATE=C too, or the rules will not count the underscore while
sorting, causing the segfault in the code (command.c IIRC).
This broke the boot on some of my servers, so I think it's a rather big
problem that perhaps can't be caught in reproducible builds.
Can this be corrected upstream or should I just modify my build
environment for LVM2?


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