[linux-lvm] Safety of DM_DISABLE_UDEV=1 and --noudevsync

Demi Marie Obenour demi at invisiblethingslab.com
Fri Apr 1 23:19:10 UTC 2022

Under what circumstances are DM_DISABLE_UDEV=1 and --noudevsync safe?
In Qubes OS, for example, I am considering using one or both of these,
but only for operations performed by qubesd.  systemd-udevd will still
be running, but it will be told to create no symlinks for the devices
these commands create or destroy.  systemd-udevd will still be in charge
of other devices, however, and other lvm2 commands may run that use
neither of these.
Demi Marie Obenour (she/her/hers)
Invisible Things Lab
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