[linux-lvm] raid10 with missing redundancy, but health status claims it is ok.

John Stoffel john at stoffel.org
Wed Jun 1 21:58:31 UTC 2022

>>>>> "Olaf" == Olaf Seibert <o.seibert at syseleven.de> writes:

Olaf> Replying to myself:
Olaf> On 30.05.22 10:16, Olaf Seibert wrote:
>> First, John, thanks for your reply.

Olaf> I contacted the customer and it turned out their VM's disk (this
Olaf> LV) was broken anyway. So there is no need any more to try to
Olaf> repair it...

So I'm not really surprised, because when that disk dies, it probably
took out their data, or at least a chunk of it, so even though it
looks like it might have kept running, it probably also got corrupted
in a big way too.  

So I think you guys need to re-architect your storage design.  If you
have paying customers on there, you should really be using MD with
RAID10, and a hot spare disk on there as well, so when a disk dies, it
can be automatically replaced, even if it fails at 2am in the
morning.  It's not cheap, but neither is a customer losing data.  

The other critical thing to do here is to make sure you're using disks
with proper SCTERC timeouts, so that when they have problems, the
disks just fail quickly, without blocking the system and causing

Look back in the linux-raid mailing list archives for discussions on

And of course I'd also try to setup a remote backup server with even
bigger disks, so that you can replicate customer data onto other
storage just in case.  

Olaf> Thanks for your thoughts anyway.

Glad I could try to help, been flat out busy with $WORK and just now
following up here.  Sorry!

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