[linux-lvm] Why is the performance of my lvmthin snapshot so poor

Gionatan Danti g.danti at assyoma.it
Wed Jun 15 12:40:29 UTC 2022

Il 2022-06-15 11:46 Zhiyong Ye ha scritto:
> I also think it meets expectations. But is there any other way to
> optimize snapshot performance at the code level? Does it help to
> reduce the chunksize size in the code, I see in the help documentation
> that the chunksize can only be 64k minimum.

I don't think forcing the code to use smaller recordsize is a good idea. 
Considering the hard limit on metadata size (16 GB max), 64K chunks are 
good for ~16 TB thin pool - already relatively small.

A, say, 16K recordsize would be good for a 4 TB pool only, an so on. 
Moreover, sequential performance will significantly suffer.

I think you have to accept the performance hit on first chunck 
allocation & rewrite.

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