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Sat Mar 5 19:55:20 UTC 2022

> I believe that what I said is that those penguins should wait for
> guidance and help from the dolphin pods when the waters were safe.
> I didn't say anything about leaving them behind if they wanted to
> make the journey then.

Ah, i see. Ok i missunderstand you last mail a little... sorry;)

> As stated in an earlier post Sistina never said the "crossing conditio=
> with regards to LVM and K-2.4.0 were safe".  These are still uncharted=

> waters that we are working quickly to make safe.

;), did you really understand what i mean with my mails?

It's nice to me, if i can see how good a software will work.
Even if it's alpha or beta software.

But, i'd like to know this after reading the manuals,

*not* only if i try it myself every time;)

And, dont forget, a layer between hdd and fs is ALWAYS
->mission critical<-. Or has to be tested as if it was. (imho)

So, in the manual, somewhere should be a small but important
message about alpha/beta or full stable status.
(At least, linus or whoever maintains the actual
tarball needs such information to decide if a patch/update
is ok for inclusion in a STABLE kernel!;)

regards.... hackbyte aka hackbyte at

P.s.: I think, even if you use the actual version numbers like
0,2,4,6 for stable and 1,3,5,7 for unstable versions,
just let us know, that you do so ;)

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