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Sat Mar 5 19:55:20 UTC 2022

to backup 1TB, the IDE drives are actually the second cheapest.  And
from a raw performance point of view, they far exceed all the other
alternatives from a random access standpoint, and they are comparable to
even LTO from a transfer rate point of view.

Sorry... had to address this point.

On Wed, 2002-02-06 at 13:14, Benjamin Scott wrote:
>   Here are some prices from a recent Datacomm Warehouse catalog:
>   Item            GB   Cost  $/GB
>   --------------  ---  ----  ----
>   IDE HDD         100   270  2.70
>   AIT2             50    90  1.80
>   SuperDLT        110   150  1.36
>   LTO Ultrium     100   130  1.30
>   DDS-4            20    24  1.20
>   As you can see, hard disk is actually the most expensive media, not the
> least.  This whole "hard disks are cheaper" thing is a myth propagated by
> people who have never actually looked at the numbers.

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