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Sat Mar 5 19:55:20 UTC 2022

ls -l /dev/lv/ide shows me that my volume group indeed doesn't excist. However, the mount command shows me that /dev/lv/ide is mounted at root. So in summary, I can't find the volumegroup, even tough I am working on/in it.

I decided to go ahead anyways, and created a initrd using lvmcreate_initrd (based on the kernel i made, 2.4.21 ) it does this, and when I boot it loads this initrd as it is supposed to. It neatly finds my /dev/hda and /dev/hdb cdroms, and once insmod'ed it also find /dev/hde, but the it runs vgscan and finds no volumegroups, that causes vgchange to not find anything either. That causes the kernel to panic, since it cannot find root.

Weird thing is, if I boot with any other rescue/livecd, such as SuSE rescue, knoppix or gentoo live cd, I can vgscan and vgchange -ay to find my volume group and logical volume. But once chroot'ed or booting to my new system, I cannot and will not find it.

Does anyone have any suggestions on why vgscan doesn't find anything and how to solve this ?

Many thanx in advance, I have been strugling with this one for almost a week now, and I am out of options. I have been able to install lvm as root on quite a few systems before, including a LFS system, but right now, I am stumped.

best regards

When I boot from a livecd image, such as 


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