[linux-lvm] LVM autoactivation and udev

Martin Wilck mwilck at suse.com
Thu Mar 24 09:02:41 UTC 2022

On Thu, 2022-03-24 at 16:26 +0800, heming.zhao at suse.com wrote:
> Your concern is may right, "vgchange --monirtor y" will call
> lvmcache_label_scan() to search
> active VGs , meanwhile libudev hasn't done on some devs. And then
> vgchange will output
> some warning which can be ignored but may irritate users.

Again, I'm not so much concerned about the warning. More about what
happens if "vgchange --monitor y" ignores information from udev.

> In theory, if "vgchange --monitor y" only handles the VGs which
> created during initrd phase
> can avoid this problem.

Yes, but that's not how it currently behaves, right?


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