[linux-lvm] The lvm partiton size is not accurate

Zdenek Kabelac zdenek.kabelac at gmail.com
Fri May 20 15:16:12 UTC 2022

Dne 18. 05. 22 v 12:35 Yu, Mingli napsal(a):
> Hi Experts,
> When use lvcreate to claim 72M partition, but it turns out to be 69M, more 
> details as below, any hints?

lvm2 partition size *IS* 72M

DF reports amount of space in your filesystem - which will be always smaller 
then the actual size of partition itself.

I.e. try to do exact same steps with i.e. GPT partition size - you will get 
very much same results.

So simply said:

lvm2 partitions size >> size of filesystem user usable size



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