[linux-lvm] How to implement live migration of VMs in thinlv after using lvmlockd

Zhiyong Ye yezhiyong at bytedance.com
Tue Nov 1 05:36:17 UTC 2022

Hi all,

I want to implement live migration of VMs in the lvm + lvmlockd + 
sanlock environment. There are multiple hosts in the cluster using the 
same iscsi connection, and the VMs are running on this environment using 
thinlv volumes. But if want to live migrate the vm, it will be difficult 
since thinlv which from the same thin pool can only be exclusive active 
on one host.

I found a previous subject that discussed this issue:


The VM in the source host will become suspended after completing the 
drain IO operation, and no new IO will be issued until the VM in the 
destination host resumes again during the live migration. Dave 
recommends to uninstall volumes at the source and activate at the 
destination within this time window.

However, executing the activate/deactivate command for thinlv volumes 
during a VM live migration will cause the VM Guest received an acpi 
message and the Guest will suppose that the disk device has been unmounted.

Or maybe my understanding is off. Can I ask for your help?


Zhiyong Ye

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