[linux-lvm] bug? shrink lv by specifying pv extent to be removed does not behave as expected

Stuart D Gathman stuart at gathman.org
Sun Apr 9 23:50:04 UTC 2023

I use a utility that maps bad sectors to files, then move/rename the
files into a bad blocks folder.  (Yes, this doesn't work when critical
areas are affected.)  If you simply remove the files, then
modern disks will internally remap the sectors when they are written
again  - but the quality of remapping implementations varies.

It is more time efficient to just buy a new disk, but with wars and
rumors of wars threatening to disrupt supply chains, including tech,
it's nice to have the skills to get more use from failing hardware.

Plus, it is a challenging problem, which can be fun to work on at leisure.

On Sun, 9 Apr 2023, Roland wrote:

>>  What is your use case that you believe removing a block in the middle
>>  of an LV needs to work?
> my use case is creating some badblocks script with lvm which intelligently
> handles and skips broken sectors on disks which can't be used otherwise...

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