[linux-lvm] is lvmraid 1 thinpool with integrity safe?

Arvid Picciani aep at exys.org
Sun Apr 9 12:21:50 UTC 2023


doing some performance tests i noticed that lvmraid + integrity + thinpool
outperforms zfs z1 by 5x while offering the same features. (snapshots,

Is this somehow unsafe or how come it is so unpopular?

lvcreate --type raid1 --mirrors 1 --size '100M' loop --name loopmeta
--raidintegritymode journal
lvcreate --type raid1 --mirrors 1 --size '700M' loop --name loopdata
--raidintegritymode journal
lvconvert --type thin-pool --poolmetadata loop/loopmeta loop/loop

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