[linux-lvm] bug? shrink lv by specifying pv extent to be removed does not behave as expected

Roland devzero at web.de
Tue Apr 11 07:14:57 UTC 2023

 >Controllers remap blocks all on their own and the so-called geometry
is entirely fictitious anyway

so tell me then, why i have a shelf full with dead disks where half of
them are out of business for nothing but a couple of bad sectors ?

i don't see the point that hardware capable storing terabytes of data is
being put to trash, because of some <0.01% of it's sectors is defective
for this or for that reason.  it's that "the vendor tells it's dead now
- so please better buy a new one" paradigm, which seems to rule
everewhere today.

i dislike this attitude.

if you had a self healing diving suit which quits healing itself after
the 5th small hole, would you throw that away after the 5th hole - or
would you put a patch on that? same goes for bicycle inner tubing. there
were times, where you put patches on that because new ones where
expensive. nowadays, everbody puts them to trash and buys a new one.

so, if some drive controller isn't able to fix your 20 broken sectors -
i'd like to fix it myself. and i'd like to try the lvm apporach, because
i think it's a sensible way of putting some abstraction layer between
your filesystem and your rotating disks.

and even if it's dumb to do or if it's something which will not succeed
, it's at least worth a try to show if it works or show why it can't
work - and if it doesn't work - there is at least something to learn
about lvm or dead disks.


Am 09.04.23 um 22:18 schrieb matthew patton:
> > my plan is to scan a disk for usable sectors and map the logical volume
> > around the broken sectors.
> 1977 called, they'd like their non-self-correcting HD controller
> implementations back.
> From a real-world perspective there is ZERO (more like negative)
> utility to this exercise. Controllers remap blocks all on their own
> and the so-called geometry is entirely fictitious anyway. From a
> script/program "because I want to" perspective you could leave LVM
> entirely out of it and just use a file with arbitrary offsets
> scribbled with a "bad" signature.
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