[linux-lvm] Trouble with balancing physical volumes with pvmove

John Stoffel john at stoffel.org
Thu Jan 5 00:12:04 UTC 2023

Can you give us the output of ‘pvs’ and’lvs’ so we can see your setup?  It’s also not quite clear what failed, a disk?  If so, which one?  

Do you have copy of the lvs and pvs output before your failure?  And what about cat /proc/partitions output as well.

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> On Jan 2, 2023, at 2:44 AM, Robert Osowiecki <robert.osowiecki at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear LVM list,
> I had several PV's with mainly raid10 volumes. When one of them failed, I was able to recover with lvconvert --repair.
> After failed PV was replaced, it left me with a couple of filled up almost to 100% PV's and one 100% free. I'd like to create more raid10 volumes, but I'm unable to free any space...
> The following command (extents range cover one of rimage_N volumes) was only successful for one "meta" and one "rimage_0", but in all other cases fails like:
> [root at chimera ~]# pvmove /dev/sdg:0-15359 /dev/sdh
>   Insufficient free space: 15360 extents needed, but only 0 available
>   Unable to allocate mirror extents for vgkvm/pvmove0.
>   Failed to convert pvmove LV to mirrored.
> Why? There's certainly lots of free space on /dev/sdh, it's almost free!
> I don't want to be forced to use only linear volumes from now... please help!
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