[linux-lvm] Question on RAID integrity limitations

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Sat Jun 3 00:30:01 UTC 2023

Dear LVM users,
The lvmraid documentation says the following: "To work around some limitations, it is possible to remove integrity from the LV, make the change, then add integrity again. (Integrity metadata would need to initialized when added again.) ... The following are not yet permitted on RAID LVs with integrity: lvreduce, pvmove, snapshots, splitmirror, raid syncaction commands, raid rebuild."
Does this mean that RAID rebuilds can only be done with integrity temporarily turned off? This seems risky given that rebuilds are often when RAID arrays undergo the most stress and are thus vulnerable to failures/errors (namely, for parity RAID). Additionally, is the suggested workaround for snapshots to temporarily turn off integrity when taking/using snapshots?
Thank you!
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