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[Lohit-devel-list] added locl feature in lohit-devanagari

Hi All,

   Few months back we had a nice discussion on using .ttc or locl feature. Last month ' Ujjwol' reported some bugs regarding Nepali language variants for Devanagari.
Now i have added those in Lohit Devanagari and committed in svn so one can refer it from there. This is also build for Fedora 14 and Rawhide.

   One interesting thing i notices after adding locl feature, when i started gedit with ne_NP locale, only that single feature/GSUB Lookup was working in Nepali locale. Then i added deva ('NEP') is all lookup's then all feature started working in Nepali locale.

    I think after getting locl in fonts lookup pango only execute, lookup having deva(lang) defined for particular language. It does not execute deva(dflt) lookups.

   This is working fine with Firefox and Gnome. looking forward to add more variants.

   Will do upstream release next month after getting some more testing.

Pravin S

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