[lvm-devel] master - Update WHATS_NEW.

Petr Rockai mornfall at fedoraproject.org
Fri Oct 12 11:28:30 UTC 2012

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Commit:        141f26035d67d3d8b6bab98960a219322fc30f32
Parent:        3058f662cf08bee36e7ff465e6f222cd8ced0ad2
Author:        Petr Rockai <prockai at redhat.com>
AuthorDate:    Fri Oct 12 13:24:06 2012 +0200
Committer:     Petr Rockai <prockai at redhat.com>
CommitterDate: Fri Oct 12 13:24:06 2012 +0200


 WHATS_NEW |   18 +++++++++++++++++-
 1 files changed, 17 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

diff --git a/WHATS_NEW b/WHATS_NEW
index 211d1bb..8ae3a22 100644
@@ -1,5 +1,22 @@
 Version 2.02.98 -
+  Implement devices/global_filter (affects lvmetad).
+  Make vgscan --cache an alias to pvscan --cache.
+  Clear lvmetad metadata/PV cache before a rescan.
+  Fix a segmentation fault upon receiving a corrupt lvmetad response.
+  Give inconsistent metadata warnings in pvscan --cache.
+  Make lvremove ask before discarding data areas.
+  Avoid overlapping locks that could cause a deadlock in lvmetad.
+  Fix memory leaks in libdaemon and lvmetad.
+  Optimize libdaemon logging for a fast no-output path.
+  example.conf: Warn about running lvmetad with use_lvmetad = 0.
+  Only create lvmetad pidfile when running as a daemon (no -f).
+  Warn if lvmetad is running but disabled.
+  Update lvmetad help output (flags and their meaning).
+  Make pvscan --cache read metadata from LVM1 PVs.
+  Make libdaemon buffer handling asymptotically more efficient.
+  Add lvmdump -l, to collect a state dump from lvmetad.
+  Make --sysinit suppress lvmetad connection failure warnings.
   Prohibit usage of lvcreate --thinpool with --mirrors.
   Fix lvm2api origin reporting for thin snapshot volume.
   Add configure --enable-python_bindings for liblvm2app to new python subdir.
@@ -23,7 +40,6 @@ Version 2.02.98 -
   Fix inability to create, extend or convert to a large (> 1TiB) RAID LV.
   Add (p)artial attribute to lvs.
   Don't try to issue discards to a missing PV to avoid segfault.
-  Prevent lvremove from removing LVs that have any part missing.
   Clear LV_NOSYNCED flag when a RAID1 LV is converted to a linear LV.
   Disallow RAID1 upconvert if the LV was created with --nosync.
   Depend on systemd-udev-settle in units generated by activation generator.

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