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Re: dbus doesn't start

Hi Jack,

On Thu, 2003-12-11 at 23:13, Jack Neely wrote:
Need some help debugging why dbus will not start on a Fedora Core based
system.  A little different from stock I also have OpenAFS, kerberos,
and hesiod setup and working although I don't know why that would cause
dbus not to start.

Running dbus-daemon-1 --system works and exits with a return value of 0
but the child process isn't left.  The dbus-daemon-1 is not in ps ax and
the monitor tool can't find the address of the bus.  I've attached an
strace hoping that some clue lie within.  Also, in most cases the pid
file in /var/run is not left behind either.

Also, looks like dbus puts all its sockets in /tmp and /var/run/dbus,
correct?  Do any sockets end up in the users' home directory?  (AFS
doesn't support sockets.)

The strace looks normal to me, you can get more information by rebuilding d-bus with --enable-verbose-mode and running it with the DBUS_VERBOSE=1  environment variable set.

Also comment out <fork/> in the system.conf file to keep it running in the foreground.



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