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Re: api changes woes

On Sun, 2003-10-26 at 14:04, Armin Bauer wrote:
> im one of the developers of Multisync, a synchronization tool. We really
> want to use dbus to communicate between our main application and our
> plugins. But the api changes and the not so fast updated packages (at
> least debian sid) really give us a headache since we cannot use the well
> known buses, but would have to rely on the peer to peer communcation
> (explaining why this does not suite our needs would be a bit too much).
> So my question is: Can a "time window" be given when dbus will turn 1.0
> and be usable on every disto?

Probably that will happen sometime between now and KDE 4.0. Within the
next year or so. It could be made to happen faster if someone started in
on the Qt bindings in earnest, or started hammering out the TODO;
there's really only 3-4 developer months of work probably, so given one
or two full time people you could get it to 1.0 in that time or less.

It's very hard to predict right now when 1.0 is because we don't know
who is going to do how much work how soon, and we don't know what
problems will arise when we start trying to use D-BUS in a GNOME/KDE

That said, I expect less API churn in the future than we've seen up to
this point.


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