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Re: List volume

We too are using FC3 until RHEL 4 is finalized. We have installed RHEL4 on several test systems, but the higher-ups are understandably cautious about using it for production systems. Since FC3 will be final very soon versus several months for RHEL4, we will probably use FC3 for testing and production systems until RHEL is final. The main and only significant reason to use RHEL over Fedora, in my opinion, is RHN.

It would be good to know how many people are actually using RHEL4 beta and how many are using FC3. It will be interesting to see if using Fedora releases for testing works for Redhat.

Justin Crabtree Java Programmer Ozarks Technical Community College 799-1573

Thomas Cameron wrote:
OK, so this is probably a silly question, but here goes:

I will be using RHEL 4 at work when it comes out, but for testing new
features and such, I am using FC3.  I notice that nahant list traffic is
almost non-existent.  Are most other RHEL beta testers in the same boat
as me?  Or is it just that there aren't many RHEL beta testers?
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