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Re: List volume

Joshua Daniel Franklin wrote:
Thomas Cameron (thomas cameron camerontech com) wrote:

I will be using RHEL 4 at work when it comes out, but for testing new
features and such, I am using FC3.  I notice that nahant list traffic is
almost non-existent.  Are most other RHEL beta testers in the same boat
as me?  Or is it just that there aren't many RHEL beta testers?

Ryan Thomson wrote:

I'm testing strictly RHEL4 right now, but I'm having issues with my hardware
platforms so that isn't helping out my testing phase very well. I don't have
much interest in FC3 at this momement and I don't really have a defensible
position as to why.

We're with Ryan on this. We're really excited about RHEL4 because it
fixes the Kerberos/Active Directory bug (details at
<https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=114938> ). The
workarounds with RHEL3 are extremely awkward. I see no reason to test
FC3 for roles we're not going to use it for, so I'm concentrating on

I've got nothing against FC3, and our admins and developers are welcome
to use it or Gentoo or whatever on their own boxes, but we're not going
to install it on production machines.

I do wish this list were more active, and I've intended to send more of
my observations here but rarely get around to it. I'm guessing that things
will pick up (especially for Red Hat people?) after the FC3 release.

nahant-beta-list mailing list
nahant-beta-list redhat com

It is my understanding that RHEL4 is based on FC3 and that any bugs/patches/updates/whatever fixed in FC3 will make their way into RHEL4. Assuming this assumption is correct, would it not be a good idea to test with FC3 as well as RHEL4? Also, will it work the other way? Will fixes to RHEL4 make their way into FC3?

We are currently using RHEL3 on most of our production boxes and for certain applications (LDAP for one) the packages in RHEL3 are very outdated. We will probably wait till FC3 becomes final and make a decision then whether to upgrade or wait for RHEL4. Any opinions?

Justin Crabtree
Java Programmer
Ozarks Technical Community College

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