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Re: List volume

Justin Crabtree wrote:

It is my understanding that RHEL4 is based on FC3 and that any bugs/patches/updates/whatever fixed in FC3 will make their way into RHEL4. Assuming this assumption is correct, would it not be a good idea to test with FC3 as well as RHEL4? Also, will it work the other way? Will fixes to RHEL4 make their way into FC3?

We are currently using RHEL3 on most of our production boxes and for certain applications (LDAP for one) the packages in RHEL3 are very outdated. We will probably wait till FC3 becomes final and make a decision then whether to upgrade or wait for RHEL4. Any opinions?

I don't see FC3 and RHEL4 as comparable solutions, mainly due to the huge difference in lifecycle between the 2 products. FC3 will go out of support in about a year and you will have to upgrade/reinstall your servers. This short lifecycle is exactly why we are using RHEL which has a MUCH longer lifecycle.

On a note relating to the original post, I have been running RHEL 4beta1 since about the 1st of October and have had very few problems with it.

Marc Wallman
NDSU Information Technology Services

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