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Re: Problems with up2date and rhn registration

John Haxby wrote:
A little while ago when I created installed RHEL4 beta 1 on a test machine, I created an RHN account to look after it and registered the machine with that. That old account still exists and still has a machine registered to get updates on the RHEL4 beta channel. Unfortunately, that particular machine has been recycled.

Do you have any sort of backups? I think it's been mentioned on rhn-users that RHN identifies by /etc/sysconfig/rhn/systemid so if you have that somewhere you're fine.

When I did a fresh install with RHEL4 beta 2, I cannot use that demo account, any new demo account or indeed the account for which we have five developer licenses -- there is no RHEL4 beta channel that I can subscribe to.

Hmm, I was thinking you could change the base channel from the command line, but maybe that's not true.

Has anyone purchased additional RHEL4 subscriptions? We're probably going
to want to do that in a few months in preparation for release.

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