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Dell PowerEdge 2600 sensor monitoring via IPMI and sensor monitoring in general under Nahant

I’ve been looking through the release notes for beta2 of nahant but I did not see any information on system monitoring via on-board sensors. I have been tracking some small bits of information on how it might be possible to get sensor information from the Dell PowerEdge 2600 by using IPMI-related tools. Looking around I also noticed that the lm_sensors homepage (http://secure.netroedge.com/~lm78/) has custom kernels for Red Hat and Fedora which are sensor-enabled. Are there any specific plans for integrating sensor monitoring in nahant and/or reasons why this would not be done by default? Is there a document describing how to accomplish monitoring under Red Hat? Ie. is there a way to get lm_sensors, SMBus, I2C, IPMI, SMART, etc … into some coherent (or at least working) monitoring system which can be included by default in nahant?


Here is the information I’m working with so far which seems relevant:














I’m not doing clusters but this seems to be relevant to the idea of standardizing the low-level management interfaces:



Isn’t this stuff a necessary part of the low-level infrastructure for the Open Source Architecture (OSA) that Red Hat is developing?




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