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Re: ipw2100 or ipw2200 wireless minipci cards

On Tue, 2004-11-16 at 11:07 +0000, John Haxby wrote:
> The beta2 announcement says that IPW 2100 and 2200 wireless nics are now 
> supported.   I'd really like to junk the broadcom minipci card that came 
> with my laptop, but the usual suspects failed to admit to the existance 
> of minipci wireless cards, let along Intel PRO/Wireless ones.   Does 
> anyone know of a supplier, preferably in the UK, that sells these 
> beasts?  And while your at it, is it only the 2200 that supports 802.11g?

I've got a couple of these sold in Australia by www.netcomm.com.au"
Wretched wrap

One's an access point on FC 2.9x, the other's a client running Ubuntu.

Those use the prims54 chipset. I verified the card before purchase by
downloading the driver and looking for the prism54 firmware. Finding
that, I was fairly happy to buy one.

Atheros chipsets are said to be fine too, and I've recently seen dlink
cards on sale labelled has using Atheros chips. Madwifi drivers for
Atheros. Dlink cards with plusses in the name mostly don't have Atheros
chips, this without mostly do. There is a page at dlink.com that details
where to get drivers. Easiest found with google:-)

Both are 11g.

You do need to watch these vendors. They quite happily change chipset
but not model number. Take the smc2802. That has a suppored prism54
chip. The smc2802W version 2 doesn't.

Don't buy a card where the specified driver is ndiswrapper. If you want
to use Windows drivers, go run them in Windows:;;;;;-)

> jch
> [In case you were wondering, ndiswrapper works just fine, but not with 
> the RHEL kernel as the ndis driver blows the 4k stack.]
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