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This follows on from mine of Fri, 29 Oct 2004 09:06:50 +0000

I really am beginning to dislike this version of Evolution. I'm running
it on Beta 1; I installed AS beta2 on another box where I didn't
explicitly choose much at all by way of extras - jut some server stuff I
was surprised to see not selected, not deselect any GUI stuff but,. to
my surprise, I didn't get either a GUI email client or a GUI web

It forgets to hide read mail and that really is annoying.

Filtering seems a little erratic - I'm using imap and that may be a
significant factor. Perhaps it will settle down.

Folder properties are terribly basic: I'm accustomed to setting viewing
options per folder and I cannot do this. Nor can I expire stuff after an
interval of time.

It took me some time to discover the keystroke(s) to advance to next
unread: it didn't appear in a menu, and I searched several times, and
nor is it the same as any other email client I can recall. Not space,
not TAB, not N, PgDn was a disaster.

[ and ] are neither obvious nor close to the edge of the keyboard where
my inexpert fingers can find them.

I did discover ^e which in another email client is "edit as new" (or
resend) does something quite different.

Evolution has some redeeming features, but overall I think

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